Into the last ninety nine days of the TDC and surprised that the things that have come back within a couple of days [problems with during 50/50] are appetite and sleep. That is very welcomed. Just a couple of miles jog at evening session tonight. Feeling ready to get going again, but will have to be very savvy with how I proceed.


local newspaper

To wrap up the 50/50:

Most painful 50/50
That Day 4 marathon in 4:35 at 30C

Most gladdening 50/50
I got myself out on Day 42 after no sleep and poor 10 hours only recovery.

Most annoying 50/50
That no one wanted to do any research / collect data.

Most satisfying 50/50
The Day 37 track marathon in 3:22 [adjusted down from 3:25 as it was two laps too long]

Most boring 50/50
Having to force myself to eat every day.

Most enjoyable 50/50
Running with others.

Most surprising 50/50
Not starting each day feeling like I had run a marathon the day before.

Most welcomed post 50/50
Getting a haircut.

Most unwelcomed post 50/50
Not having the time to run more.

TDC 901 days 10184 miles


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