[TDC 898]

Not sure whether it was the beers or the pizza or being back in my own comfy bed after 3 weeks away? [or the last few weeks running effort] but a lovely 10 hour sleep last night. Wonderfully gifted an admin day off work to get myself ready for ‘real life’ again. Just unpacking my holdall from the last 3 weeks took an hour. Shopping and stocking up the freezer with food. Washing clothes. Checking dozens of emails etc, etc all takes time, before I even get my head to school work.1.jpg

That strange readjustment danger zone now. I woke feeling willing and able to go out and run a marathon. Doesn’t feel like a stretch, not mentally tired of it, and with the time unexpectedly gifted I could have done so. Pretty seductive a notion, but I also felt equally fine with not running a marathon. I guess that is a good place to leave things this time then? But part of me feels somewhat cheated that I haven’t run to the limit of my ability. I feel I could go on and on. Surprising place to end up after 50 days. But if I had completed a 51st I think I would have been helpless but to continue to 100 marathons and timewise that just isn’t possible. Sometimes you have to be boringly sensible and grown up. Bah!

I contented myself with a 1 mile jog to the shops and starting to think about what next? Not next year’s challenge, that is already figured, but what about the rest of the year? A faster single marathon in a few weeks? Movember Milo Miles in November again for sure. A short ultra before year end? Where to go with the technically completed  [102 days left but already 177 miles over the mileage needed] Thousand Day Challenge?

Still, I guess today is about admin, relaxing a little, having some naughty food, sleeping and getting up ready for normality again tomorrow. Certainly looking forward to getting back to the coaching others after a three week break.

TDC 898 days 10177 miles


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