So the numbers are starting to look a bit ‘strange’ as I work towards that big L. Only four to go! Getting to feel a little like I have actually run a marathon now when I complete each day [but so far without the having to go down stairs backwards etc]. A warm 80 lapper again today. It was nice to have company popping in and out, so game back on. Managed 3:45 so that sub 4 hour mark is still a go.


Shame but only now are local ITV/local BBC/local radio/local newspaper getting more interested. I guess they have lots of people claiming to be doing something, but then never getting very far, so I guess they hold off till it looks like you will successfully complete?

Certainly a big first for a channel Islander and I am told ‘low hundreds’ for this kind of thing worldwide. And even less given the pace. Not that I am competing with anyone, just nice to be able to roughly quantify the venture overall.

TDC 893 days 10070 miles


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