Not so warm today but an 80 lapper around People’s Park was the plan; which I could only handle for 17 miles before getting mentally tired, even though I had lots of company popping in and out. Along the front then for the final 9 miles up and down.

Thirty nine marathons done and starting to get a bit tired. Only a 3:48.09 today but guess I am getting spoiled lately with these slightly faster ones? I was thinking last night that if I use the marathon itself as an analogy [26 miles = 50 marathons] then at day 39 I am only at the equivalent of about mile 20 in a marathon. The point at which it starts getting harder. I expect the next 5-6 days then will feel more difficult? Still, only 11 to go. And in another 5 days I will have already completed my 10,000 miles in 1,000 days challenge, well ahead of schedule [just under 4 months early].

TDC 886 days 9887 miles


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