So, is it possible to have a reverse anxiety dream? I woke myself up last night, laughing. I dreamt that Garmin got in touch to say there was a glitch with my watch’s software and that I hadn’t been running 26.22 miles each day for the last five weeks, only a mere 24.22 miles. I guess the laughter means I would be okay with that?

Horribly hot day starting at 31C and dropping to 26C by the end. Took a nasty tumble after 4 miles [my right knee seems to be a bash magnet] and gave myself second degree burns on my palms. Falling on a cinder path even at a modest pace is like being thrown onto coarse sandpaper. At least it gave me something to think about for a few miles, trying to apply pressure to the palms of my hands with my fingers to stop the slow seep bleeding. I wasn’t going to stop for anything!

Had decided beforehand [no pun intended] to have an easier day anyway due to a faster previous day and the heat wave, so I was happy to complete in a much more modest 3:58.16, which still means the average overall time is an okay 3:56.27

TDC 885 days 9861 miles


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