Saturday must mean parkrun day; can’t avoid that even in Jersey now. Nice to run the Jersey parkrun again, in a sensibly paced 4 hour marathon kind of start pace. Carried on for a farther 13 laps off the 1500m track before my mind rebelled today, and I had to go ‘off course’. Made it a little harder not being so flat but at least I got a nice long downhill before the rather warm final 3 mile slog along the front.

Weatherman had said ‘high winds and heavy rain’, but I only got the high winds towards the end and rather warmer temperatures than expected for the rest of the run. Still, managed another faster than I should be doing 3:48.50 and therefore brought the average daily time down to a decent so far 3:57.45 so I can’t complain just yet.

Tomorrow will be interesting with a 10K ‘race’ to start and then repeated laps and some small change at the end. Only two weeks to go with five weeks done, somehow!?


TDC 882 days 9783 miles


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