The numbers looks very strange today! Only ‘teens’ to go! Was another 25C hot one and along the front so no shade till the sun went down the last hour. Had some company for at least some of the miles on each 6 mile return leg today which helped a lot.

I thought I should be slowing by this point but today in 3:47.30 and a continuation of the faster last 10K pattern!? Tiring but not shattering. I’ll have to rethink what I do from now on, as I had expected to be getting slower and be pretty much exhausted by this point, but it doesn’t seem to be panning out that way? Do I still concentrate on just completing the 50 marathons in under 4 hours average a day or do I go crazy and shoot the moon?


Nice to make the Council magazine back in East London as well as the local parish magazine here in Jersey, but the venture doesn’t seem to have captured the public imagination. I guess the Olympics are on and charity events are two a penny these days. That and I don’t think most people [non-runners especially] can really understand the effort and commitment involved?

I’m simply not ‘showbiz’ enough. No matter, luckily it’s the running that counts for me.

TDC 878 days 9679 miles


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