Marathon of marathons [26 x 26.2]. All downhill now; metaphorically at least. An official marathon today. Not easy after only 12 hours recovery and having to get up early to train it to the event, but nicely strange to be ‘doing a marathon’.

Found it a bit tougher today especially due to miles of gravel stone paths on my getting sore toes. The first day [apart from the first week’s heatwave runs] where I didn’t feel like pushing the last 10K. It was also a quite up and downy, twisty turny course [by my locale’s standards anyway]. Still the dish-sized bling made it worthwhile and I shouldn’t grumble at 3:55.04 with average for 26 marathons now 3:59.29


You can keep your Olympic medal tat, this is a MEDAL!

TDC 873 days 9548 miles


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