Snap. Same coming as going. Just as far now to the other side. Nice to get to halfway there and still be in much better shape than I could ever have imagined. I assumed I would be pretty beat up by this point, but apart from a slightly sore right little toe nothing much hurts. Very surprised. But as I have always promoted, “we are designed for this.”

That said, I seem to be developing a.shuffle style as good as the amazing Cliff Young. But it will be nice to work on ‘proper’ running form again after this challenge.

It being that I have an official marathon in barely 12 hours time [not that I will be ‘racing’], I was supposed to take it a bit easier today. But, when you have good company, oops! Still, I’m happy with 3:49.41 and to have brought the daily average down to under 4 hours even though tomorrow will undoubtedly HURT! Now to try to keep that up for the second half of this challenge. Lots of company today. Thanks guys.


TDC 872 days 9522 miles


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