Of course the other side of the coin is a strange one. On the one hand everyone and his dog has seemingly ‘run’ a marathon these days? On the other hand saying to people “50 marathons” makes as much sense to them as saying you are popping to the cafe on the Moon for lunch. They simply have nothing to judge/compare it with, so it becomes a meaningless non-fact.

Good job I am in it ultimately for the running! “The medium is the message.

Lovely run tonight with support from the regulars for much of the distance in parts, meant I easily ended up with 3:52.31 and overall daily average now down to ta dah, 4 hours and 5 seconds, so anything under 3:58 tomorrow on the marathon that gets me to halfway will see me at an average of just below 4 hours a run [and a hundred hours of running!] just in time for the return of the 30C temperatures next week it seems? Will be hard going to maintain that average then for the second half of the challenge.

Better not push too much though as Thursday morning’s marathon is a mere 12 hours recovery from Wednesday evening. Ouch.

TDC 871 days 9496 miles


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