So suddenly there are only 6 more runs before I am in Jersey. Three of those days are organised events [Thurs and the weekend] so less than a handful of opportunities to run with others in London before the last day.

I have to admit the most disappointing thing about this challenge is the lack of involvement from others [more so than the lack of money raised for the British Red Cross so far]. I have been supported from those that I run with regularly as expected, but given that I have helped hundreds and hundreds of runners over the years it is somewhat shocking how few I have seen during this challenge. It isn’t as if anyone is being asked to run a full marathon even.


I guess with the constant ‘noise’ of the modern world, 50 marathons in 50 days in 4 hours average a day just isn’t noteworthy enough? Certainly I am very poor at shouting about what I am doing. Hard not to end up somewhat demotivated though given the knowledge that Kim Kardashian could fart into a bottle and make a $million selling it as perfume.

Today I decided to just relax into it and have a ‘recovery’ marathon. Seem to end up pushing the last 10K though these last few days. Still satisfied with the slower day at 3:56.40.

TDC 870 days 9469 miles


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