The end of week 3 with now under 30 marathons to go. Didn’t start well though as the planned morning run was a bust as I was kept awake until 5am by neighbours partying in the garden! Went out later and had to work a bit to go sub 4 hours again.

Still at 3:58.42 I’m not complaining. I still seem able to pick the pace up towards the end, and if I take out the stops for water etc each of the past few runs seems to be actually averaging around 3:55 moving time [or faster].

Average overall now down to 4:01.04 meaning I have to somehow lose around 22 minutes from the next 29 runs to get down to 4 hours average each. Hard to do on the hillier runs in Jersey, so a lot to aim for other than just finishing each day. Still game on then.

TDC 868 days 9417 miles


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