Another good day at 3:58.40 and lots of company for parts of the run. Had to work ‘purposefully’ the last 10 miles though to grab back some of the lost ‘stop for hi/bye’ time [5 minutes worth]. Seem to be finishing runs stronger and faster!? The last 10K were the fastest miles of the day?

day 19.jpg

The nice thing about finishing later is the reduced price bargains in the supermarket. Tonight a £2 punnet of only slightly squished raspberries for a mere 20p, yummy. I must remember before I do anything crazy again to get some sponsors; I am getting through at least 2 litres of choc milk and 2 litres of lucozade a day!

Tomorrow I will no longer be a teenager. Somehow TWENTY marathons, nearly 3 weeks, gone already.

TDC 866 days 9363 miles


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