So with the Olympics only a couple of days away it is silly season again. Athletes changing their national status so that they can run for some country or other in Rio. This has always struck me as ridiculous. Yes humans are far more fluid in their geographical residency patterns than at any time in history but being allowed to compete for Poland just because you own a Pomeranian is daft [yes flippant example]. This is as funny as newspapers crowing about how Brit Mo Farrah is breaking the dominance of east African distance runners.

Today an easy or hard route depending on your mental state. 1.25 mile out and back horseshoe shape 21 times. Interestingly quite a lot of climb therefore, given an incline to navigate each U. Doing this way also obviously resulted in some slow down at the 180 turns. Despite a toilet stop and running with a couple of slower runners half way for a mile I still managed 3:56.24 and the daily average time again coming back down near 4 hours.


Can’t believe I’m nearly 3 weeks through and off to Jersey soon. Time for the scales tomorrow!

TDC 865 days 9337 miles


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