So firstly some answers to questions that keep popping up:

YES I am running every single day with no day off for good behaviour.

NO I am not spreading the miles throughout the day over several runs nor I am taking an hour’s stop for lunch. I start the marathon, I run, I stop. ‘Pauses’ to grab water, cross the road, say hi/bye to people joining in or leaving etc are averaging at only about 2-3 minutes per run [apart from a whopping 9 minutes on day 4 when the temperature was 30C and for safety sake I had to hit the water fountain every mile]. These pauses are included in the time for the run ie the watch isn’t stopped at all till 26.22 miles is complete.

NO you do not have to run a whole marathon with me to get one of the special limited edition [100] 50/50 medals. A £10 donation and at least 1 mile is perfectly fine.

NO I have no support team, driver/publicist/masseur/sponsors, just the company of any runners or cyclists that might turn up to cover some distance with me.

mara 17.jpg

So today another wet one and despite lower temperatures it was really humid; dripping like crazy from the start!? Third day in a row I have got my hydration incorrect. I was bursting almost as soon as I started and had to pop into The Tate gallery to relieve myself. Made the security guards laugh as I ran through [perhaps ‘illegal’?]

Right calf still sore but not as bad as I had initially thought it might be; [smug mode] always good to be able to correctly assess any ‘niggles’ and proceed with correct behaviour. LOTS of numpties to weave around this evening [5pm was obviously a BAD time to start this run] including a poorly thought out [IMHO] huge social run taking place on the south bank, with lots of sprinting runners in the dark running into me on Tower Bridge. Didn’t appreciate that at all!

Great to have company for the last few miles and give out another 50/50 medal. Despite the ‘numpty interference’ [I think that needs to be a new official running term?] I managed to just squeeze it under that magic 4 hour mark again 3:59.46, but felt like I had to do some work the last 4 miles.

GPS obviously doesn’t like the City? This is the first time that Strava has reported a difference to my distance against Garmin [by nearly half a mile more?]

TDC 864 days 9311 miles


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