And so into August and I’ve now had all the weather [30 degrees first week and pouring with rain at the end of today’s run]. Not a great day but also not a disaster. Just when I was pulling the average time down to nearly 4 hours a marathon I get a little set back.N.jpg

Today the right calf was definitely an issue, so I brought the pace right down on what turned out to be a technical cross country route for quite a lot of the distance and lots of dropped curb road crossings and footbridges otherwise. Not the best thing for a sore leg. Inclines and sharp turns were ‘uncomfortable’.

I knew I was already 90 seconds down for the day after the first mile [running with a local councillor and then a toilet break; I have to cut down on hydration now the weather is cooler it seems]. And with 4 minutes down by halfway I just eased into it and allowed myself to ‘just complete’ so as to protect the calf. Still 4:09.40 isn’t the end of the world. I may just have to slow it down for a couple of days to let the calf recover and then hopefully will be fitter and lighter than when I started the challenge and so will still be able to get sub 4 hours average later on; as a long way to go yet. Just annoying, as I feel it isn’t really anything to do with the marathon running par se. Oh well, if this is the worst it gets over the remaining five weeks I’ll be laughing.

A third done already. Now the hard work starts it seems. Can’t believe I’ll be running in Jersey in just over a week and a half.

TDC 863 days 9285 miles


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