Legs a little tired today given only 12 hours rest and I surprisingly [given the cooler 7am start] ended up more dehydrated than usual? Again I suspect that is down to fluid intake between runs rather than during this morning’s marathon [as usual I didn’t feel that thirsty until the last 10K]. Poured in 3 litres in the 90 minutes post run.


Lovely to have Joseph along for his third ever marathon [and my third all the way marathon runner companion; and two on bikes for the full distance]. At the other end it was nice to give a newer runner that came out last Monday and completed 8 miles at his own pace when he might usually only do 5K, a medal.

Nice to sneak in under that 4 hour mark again [3:58.58] and to actually get to do the parkrun this week. Now just the boring admin stuff [washing, eating, drinking etc] before the start of week 3 and marathon number 15. Heartening to have got the average completion time back down to just under 4 hours 2 minutes. I might still be able to get that sub 4 hour mark overall? Still an awfully long way to go though.

TDC 861 days 9233 miles



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