Well what a FANTASTIC way to celebrate a quarter of the challenge done today. I got to run with Ben Rogers who is also doing a multiple day marathon challenge, when he travelled up from Kent to run with me on the London Marathon course.

A great 3:53.17 of chatting away like old friends; that is the best thing about running when it works right. Always run out of steam a bit in the last few miles but I honestly felt like I was hardly moving, Perhaps all my senses have shut down?


For the second time in my life I got to witness/experience Tower Bridge being opened. Both times strangely in the middle of a paced run where I couldn’t stop! Had to spend a few minutes running up and down the bridge. Weird that the marathon course now seems/feels like a ‘nothing’. Usually when you are racing you are ticking off landmarks, “only another 10 to go, 5 to go ,,,” today the miles just flew by and even the downpour at 19 miles was refreshing. So were the couple of pints of shandy in the pub afterwards.

TDC 860 days 9207 miles


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