X – XL

X marks the spot! Just an extra large to go!!

Some interesting reading, but just for interest for me. The time I do is the time I do. Useful though to see how much last week’s heatwave did slow me down from my ambitious aim of sub 4 hours for each marathon. Seem to be back on track, and it seems like it was a decent estimate on my part [so far. long way to go yet]. I will though have to finish around 3:59 now each day to get sub 4 hours by the end of the challenge.


Or this more detailed adjustment table from coach Jeff Galway 1984. Both highlight why last Weds at 30 degrees was so slow!

Temperature Adjustment Adjustment for Humidity > 60%
14°C-16°C +5 sec/mi +10 sec/mi
16°C-19°C +15 sec/mi +25 sec/mi
19°C-21°C +30 sec/mi +45 sec/mi
21°C-24°C +40 sec/mi +1:05 min/mi
24°C-27°C +1:10 min/mi +1:45 min/mi
27°C-29°C +2:00 min/mi +3:00 min/mi
29°C+ Not Recommended

Today I went out in the afternoon with Andre keeping me company on the bike. Only 23 degrees today so again reasonably comfortable. A 5th done already but still a long way to go! Feeling only slightly ‘bashed up’. The time between runs seems to go so fast though. Tonight the lovely guys came out to support and pushed me over the last 5K; miles in 8.57, 8.38, 8.17!? And felt fine. Another just sub 4 hour at 3:59.37

TDC 857 days 9127 miles


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