Thankfully cooler [only 24 degrees] and slightly overcast this morning meant I felt fine to work a bit despite being a fairly ‘up’ route. The 1908 Olympic Marathon course [in reverse, White City to Windsor] sort of; obviously roads have been built etc in the 108 years [to the day!] since that marathon, making it impossible to follow exactly, even if we had managed to navigate correctly!


Ended up running on the side of a dual carriageway for over a mile which wasn’t the most sensible or pleasant. The strangest thing though was bumping into a friend that has moved out to west London by complete chance just before she finished her morning run!!? Truly bizarre.

Felt good today [even my appetite is back to normal] with just the knocked knee still being a little sore, as was the little toe, but though people laugh at my old school ways, the Vaseline meant I didn’t feel a thing [and someone has to keep the British petroleum jelly industry afloat].

Had some great company this morning which meant the miles flew by, and 3:59.22 on this course is something I can live with for sure. Now I get a slightly longer recovery time as weekday start times shift back to 5pm. And all so far done without any celebrity pandering, massages, or ice baths. Not too bad. Average finish time must have also gone down to nearer 4:07 a marathon?

The reason we run this odd distance.

TDC 855 days 9075 miles


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