Planned to run parkrun then laps of Wanstead Flats but got roped into parkrun duties. Never mind I had some great company for laps 1 and then 2&3 today. Even the last 2 laps alone didn’t feel as challenging as lately though the sun was up and the temperature higher than I had expected at 27 degrees today.

Reasonable effort meant a 4:06.58 time, which is okay at this point I think. Had to stop after 1/4 mile as my watch wasn’t logging the distance! Luckily I looked when I did [restarted day’s run] or I would have had to do a double marathon today! Stone got in shoe under left little toe with 2 miles to go but wasn’t stopping for anything. Strangely moving time-wise today was 2 minutes quicker than the last 2 days though slightly slower on total time.

Going into tomorrow, which will be the biggest thing I’ve ever done running-wise [I have done 7 marathons in 7 days last year, so everything from now on will be new territory] some interesting things have been discovered.

  • I can’t stand refuelling on plain water, but fairly strong blackcurrant drink [esp if chilled] goes down a treat. Orange will do, but whatever it is it can’t be too weak else it just tastes like tainted water.
  • In this heat any kind of food solids is impossible.
  • Though I am currently not taking on any fuel apart from liquid and am therefore running out of gas earlier in the runs, my legs are feeling stronger at the end of each run.
  • Though I have always hated the heat I CAN run in it if need be.
  • Whereas on 3:42 marathon average for 7 in a row last year I looked and felt like a 90 year old cowboy who’d ridden for a week, at the equivalent point now at 4:07 average [3:38 average, heat adjusted] I only feel like a 60 year old cowboy who’s ridden for a day, so must be getting stronger?

Anyway, stats for week one

run time moving heat adjust avg time
1 03:57.36 03:57.36 3:36 03:57.36
2 03:59.56 03:56.59 3:29 03:58.46
3 04:00.09 03:56.31 3:21 03:59.13
4 04:35.12 04:26.01 3:45 04:08.13
5 04:07.04 04:01.46 3:45 04:07.59
6 04:05.14 04:02.16 3:43 04:07.32
7 04:06.58 04:00.01 3:45 04:07.27

For several reasons this makes interesting reading.

  • In terms of heat adjusted times [during last year’s 7 marathons in 7 days the temperature was averaged at 16 degrees (March) so didn’t really effect times negatively] I am working at a better or equal level.
  • No wonder day 4 was so slow! More than all the other reasons was the day 3 effort at 3:21  equivalent!

I am using actual run times for my recorded times [and therefore averaged times]. All other [faster] times are just for interest.

TDC 854 days 9049 miles


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