Another necessary afternoon run, but it was overcast and only 25 degrees so not as bad as earlier in the week. I seem to have found my ‘working reasonably hard’ stride getting to half way in 2 hours and the whole distance in 4:05.13

Appetite seems to have normalised. Can’t say I am particularly hunger but I am able to eat [whereas on Weds the sight of food left me feeling ill] have had my cold litre of chocolate milk and tucking into a whole pizza; hope I don’t go to the other extreme and put on weight?

Quads a little tight and tired but other than that the only soreness is under the right knee from the fall last Sunday. Otherwise I’d barely know I was doing anything except for the post run naps. But very early days yet.

Just an extra large ivy to go.

TDC 853 days 9023 miles


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