So a tenth of the way there; early days but the fraction makes it feel something achieved. What a difference a day makes!? Felt like a runner again today after yesterday’s slow plod shuffle. Temperature down to 25 degrees helped as well as overcast and slight breeze. Again slightly altered course as I didn’t fancy going through Rotherhithe tunnel in the heat today!

Happy to have company for the first 14 miles and the last 9 miles. Pace was decent at 4:07.04 with only 5 minutes total stop for water and phone calls. Amazingly I drank as much water in the first 17 miles as I did yesterday for every single mile!! Felt strong through to the end. Quads a bit tired but otherwise everything fine so far; just sore under right knee still where I took the tumble on Sunday.

I’ll have to accept though that some days will need to be slower [Friday and Saturday] as I will get less recovery time as the runs switch from afternoon/evening weekday to mornings at weekends.

131 miles done in the last 5 days and looking good so far at an average of 4:07.57 Obviously today again is well under 4 hours if heat adjusted.

TDC 852 days 8997 miles


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