Well! I knew the day would be a slow one but a little disappointed how slow!? Despite in real terms the legs feeling no more tired than after a 60 mile run [and I can certainly run on legs that tired] and breathing not being an issue, and having decided to have a ‘rest’ day marathon  paced at 4 hours 30 minutes today, I still could only manage 4:35

Last week of school 2016 054.jpg

That said I was already 8 minutes down at 3 miles as I ran with kids from school [As I was really keen they take part in some way in the 50/50; they ran 1 mile with me]. Strava tells me I spent 9 minutes taking on water!? I very much felt the 30 degree heat from 12 till 4pm today. I was taking on 300ml of water every mile and within half a mile my lips were already parched. I had to take small walk breaks at 17 and 20 miles as I drank so much so quickly I developed painful burps. So much water during the run was uncomfortable but necessary.

Uncomfortable run more so than the heat I believe due to insufficient time to load up on calories in only 14 hours [8 hours asleep even] from yesterday’s run. If stats are to be believed I am getting through 5-6,000 calories a day! I will even have to start taking gels etc on the runs [something I never usually do ever]. Still, temperature adjusted this run was still no more than 3:45 equivalent.

TDC 851 days 8971 miles


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