Had to postpone start time an hour till 6pm just to let temperature drop to 32 degrees Celsius!? Hard work today for sure. Had to alter course again to try to find shade and water. It was certainly the one to have support today; 4 ran with me various distances up to the half way point, then three kept me company on bikes the rest of the way. I was so happy to have a couple of runners pushing me the last mile but my tired legs just couldn’t knock of those few seconds today. So only 4:00.09, damn so close!

All told water stops accounted for 4 minutes, but I wouldn’t have completed without them, and the temperature conversion stats again put today’s adjusted effort at 3:22 equivalent [and it felt like it]. Strangely due to the company I was faster [3 minutes up] at halfway but again it was the last 6 miles that let me down by those crucial few seconds.

Tomorrow I will definitely NOT get the 4 hour mark as I am running some of the way with pupils from school on their last half day of the academic year, I have to run in the hotter part of the day 12-4pm, and I am having 6 hours less recovery time due to that. Perhaps it is my ‘recovery’ marathon day then?

Feeling fine so far, just rather ‘bashed’.

TDC 850 days 8945 miles


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