From day one:

Took a tumble at 1K when a numpty runner cut in front of me, so a sore right knee today [not a great way to start] but otherwise a little tired but fine. Hydrating adequately will be the biggest issue this week, both during and after each day’s running.

Think I will need to perfect the art of the short cat nap each day? After Wednesday when school’s out I will be working from home mostly in the morning then running later afternoon. Siesta anyone? With all the little getting ready tasks etc the hours will go fast each day.


Beat he Street [july 18 PM]

A very hot start at 5pm. Decided after 4 miles to NOT follow the days marathon route; simply too hot in the sun, so tried to find some shade. Ended up running laps around Central Park which wasn’t ideal but at least I got a water fountain every kilometre though this did slow me 10 seconds each time I used it [moving time 2 minutes less]. Decided to head off back onto the streets with 8 miles remaining, away from water supply, but at least I picked up speed a little.

Would like to say I expertly paced it tonight but the fact is I had to work hard the last 6 miles and very hard the last 2 miles to just scrape under the 4 hour mark with 3:59.56. I’m glad I didn’t give up with 4 miles to go when I thought I’d just miss the target. Can’t see myself doing it again tomorrow with even hotter conditions. Pretty uncomfortable run all told. My mouth felt like I had crossed a desert when I finished and I even had large salt crystals on my face!

Def need a good sleep tonight. Apparently tonight’s temperature will have increased my time by 15-20% so it was equivalent to a 3:25 marathon!?

TDC 849 days 8919 miles


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