QEOP & Great Newham Run10K [july 17 AM

First one down. Only 49 more to go. Or 1285 miles! In another 42 days if all goes well I will get to my 10,000 miles target, a good 3 1/2 months ahead of schedule, fingers crossed. And that’s despite ‘losing’ 300 miles due to the ‘taper’ this last few weeks, when I haven’t been clocking a minimum 70 miles a week average.

So today’s run:

Started from home at 6:50am [giving myself 3 hours till the start of my 10K wave] with the aim of joining on to the very back of my start wave, so that I wouldn’t have to stand around wasting time in the start pen. Very strange though running 3 hours with my race number on but no race. Didn’t stick to the planned route as I was alone and seeking the shade.

My start outside Plaistow station was witnessed by a TFL worker, a drunk, a smoker, and a bible basher. Within a half a mile three young lads saw my number and shouted is it a marathon? Made me laugh but didn’t have time to stop and explain it was a 10K event but a marathon run. Within 2 miles I was sweating [by 16 miles at 9am the sun was really out and warm]. Had masses of cyclists to contend with in Victoria Park unexpectedly [they seem to think they own the world when there are more than a handful of them; riding at you 6 abreast till you jump in the hedge, what fun].

On fresh legs, started a bit too fast but soon mostly got the pace okay. Unfortunately yet again the event started well late [over 10 minutes] so though I had planned to be there at the end of the wave start I had to muck about running up and down at the back of the race pen like a loony. Then I obviously had so many very slow runners [despite it being the second wave] to try to get past. Run ended up being nearly 27 miles in total but at least was the marathon distance.

Heat and water were the biggest issues today of course [26 degrees by the time we stopped]. And look like being the BIG issue for at least the next 2 or 3 days? Didn’t drink much the first 20 miles obviously, so need to address this for the next runs. Apparently it will hit 31 degrees on Wednesday!!


Any how, first marathon completed in a time of 3:57.36 as far as I can tell [the gps signal disappeared going through the stadium tunnel for 300 metres at 26.12 and came back on at 26.27 with the time still just under 4 hours] but as the total run was pace averaged at 9.07 despite slowing down the last 800 metres after I knew I had completed the distance it must certainly be under 4 hours. A nice shiny piece of bling from the 10K to start the 50/50 challenge.

TDC 848 days 8893 miles


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