dithering [TDC847]

Nice to jog to and from parkrun duties this morning. Our first 250 events runner. Tested watch and cleared data. Weighed self [OUCH]. Clothes washing. Getting food cooked and frozen for the week. Vaseline stocked up. Hair and toenails cut. Kit for tomorrow all laid out. Dithering [taper] time over. No more rest.

Dreading that it looks like being a heat wave tomorrow! But, for what it’s worth, as ready as I’ll ever be. Oh boy!

Only 1,134 miles till TDC miles complete [10,000 miles in a thousand days] and this 50/50 challenge is 1,311 miles.

TDC 847 days 8866 miles


One thought on “dithering [TDC847]

  1. Wishing you the very best with this amazing challenge. Lots of people sending you positive vibes and will be supporting you running
    along with you too.

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