A short 3 mile jog after work only. Nearly time! I have to start getting back into the habit of wearing my watch every day [I will reset the stats when the marathons start] as I haven’t been bothering for these little 1 and 2 mile jogs lately.


Getting all the kit sorted [kind of]. Eight pairs of well worn shoes here and another two brand new pairs waiting in Jersey. Collected a couple of Red Cross t-shirts today but they are heavy cotton, so I might have to use those as before and after tops [having now got so used to running in polyester, so called ‘technical tops].

I think my one strength in all this is that I’m not a very overwhelmed by anything person by nature, so it’s going to be a simple one foot in front of the other till it’s done kind of summer. Not saying it won’t hurt of course.

TDC 844 days 8853 miles


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