So all falling downhill now to the 50/50 start. Still hard to believe after 2 years that this is now about to happen. Feels rather no man’s land at the moment. The next couple of weeks will have to be very minimal mileage. That in itself seems more worrying than starting the marathons to be honest. But no fitness will be lost in a few weeks.

Only 1,200 miles to go to achieve the 10,000 miles in 1,000 days mark, so unless I get seriously injured that looks like a shoe-in.

Nice to see an article in the Evening Standard with female Olympic athletes urging women to be proud of their sporty bodies. Especially given that apparently 50% of girls give up sport at age 13.


Olympic hopeful Bryony Shaw, “The attitude was it was cool to skip PE at school.” and Amber Hill, Paralympic long jumper and former BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year, “I want to tell women to not go along with the norm. There is nothing wrong with getting sweaty in the gym.” Or whilst running for that matter.

TDC 828 days 8795 miles


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