I have to say I am somewhat surprised looking at yesterday’s result. My time is about the same as a 10K race in December and only 20 seconds slower than a 10K race in January? Yes December was on very tired 100 mile + weeks for over a month [752 miles in November], and January was only two weeks after an ultra event, whereas this result is on very minimal mileage for a month but at least half a stone heavier.

2015 WK 48 10km Regent’s Park 10K 41.56
2016 WK 6 10km Regent’s Park 10K 41.36
2016 WK 24 10km Dame Kelly 10K 41.57

Seems an interesting little formula / table could be made for ‘mileage-tired legs’ vs ‘carrying more weight’ in terms of expected race times. At present it appears that heavier is cancelling out the fresher legs, but only just. Certainly I should be able to break 40 minutes.

Today only time for a jog around the block.

TDC 814 days 8708 miles


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