Dam [TDC813]

There aint nothing like a dame. Could have done with a dam though this morning. Very soggy. Those of us that ran a marathon only two weeks ago are pretty pleased with our results; not to shabby at all considering.


I was happy to go just under 42 minutes. The first couple of kilometres at 4 minute pace and at 5K in 20.30 though, so ran out of steam on the second lap [miles in 6.20, 6.40, 6.50, 6.50, 7.05, 6.55]. Yes, legs tired but more my currently heavy weight and lack of core strength [the usual issues] preventing a faster time. Certainly therefore with a specific warm up and speedwork and dealing with those issues I feel I could still go significantly under 40 minutes for 10K? A 12 mile day with jog there and back.

Only FIVE WEEKS [34 non marathon running days till Sept 5th] till marathon bashing time!! And only 269 miles till I have run the equivalent of twice around the world. So very, very slow.

TDC 813 days 8705 miles



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