thons [TDC802]

Supposed to be back to the 10 mile days for this week and the next three. Legs are fine so feeling rather hard done by to not have the time to run. No wonder these clebs raise millions for charity by running a few paces, they don’t have to do their own organising.

Spent the last two days trying to plan 50 marathon routes. Trying to appeal to as wide a range/ability of those that might join me as possible. Strangely fifty routes don’t go far when you’d like to have lots of fun adventures. Having to be rather pragmatic about it all. I think it’s a nice mix of laps and loops and official event courses and ‘races’.

Anyway still a lot to do but here’s how the weeks are looking so far: [click a week to view]

week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
week 7

Click button at left of each map to get details. button.jpg

TDC 802 days 8642 miles


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