Another milestone today. Eight hundred days gone of the one thousand. Only trotted to the shops 1 mile this morning as wanted to spend time trying to think out fundraising avenues for the 50/50 [rather than due to tiredness]. Good to feel that quad soreness yesterday on the 1 mile fast run [can’t really call it a race] and 8 mile jog back; as I need to get used to that feeling for this summer.

Now within that 50 day countdown to the starting gun. Everything in my head says relax, taper and everything in my legs say run. run, run. I think I might have 4 more weeks of harder training but they will be short distance faster runs and races instead of mega miles. A different kind of strength to work on from now.


Have to start to steel myself for the task ahead. It will probably become more mental than physical as the 50 days of the challenge tick down from mid July.

Still 635 miles ahead of needed minimum TDC mileage and now only 327 miles till twice around the world.

TDC 800 days 8635 miles


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