round and round [TDC798]

Pouring with rain first thing this morning, but luckily the weather turned slightly less troublesome. Still a very humid, and drizzly day with the sun getting rather shiny later on. Missed the mark again but happy to spend the day with great company.


Given that I am certainly way overweight and haven’t really trained for a single fast marathon effort, I guess I can’t be too disappointed. I had hoped to go sub 3:20 to qualify for London next year but could only manage 3:24 ish.

That said, I was on for 3:13.30 at 1/4 marathon 3:14.15 at the half way stage and feeling like I was doing nothing. Pace slipped only slightly to 3:17 pace up until 4 miles to go then the cumulative fatigue from the deceptively challenging undulating course had my brain unwilling to accept the need to push on tired legs. A result of a lack of faster very long runs and not enough undulating training runs.


Unfortunately on this kind of course you can’t rely on your GPS. Firstly every mile is different in terms of ups and downs, second satellite reception can be rather strange [6.33 pace then 7.50 pace?], thirdly my tracing has the route at half a mile long? It could of course mean that I ran half a mile long [not taking the most minimal route]. If so all rather annoying as otherwise from the time and the half a mile ‘extra’ I was under 3:20, but we’ll wait for the official results to see how close I was to that time? Perhaps 3:23 something. I can live with that I guess. Especially as fast marathons isn’t my aim at the moment. I’m still confident that with specific training for that aim and weighing less I could still go sub 3 hours.

A nice jog for 2KĀ supporting the viewtube last runner [injured] over his last lap, as a cool down. Now a fun run 1 mile tomorrow as DOMS stretch out.

Today marks 50 days to go till 50/50 starts!

TDC 798 days 8625 miles


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