moniker [TDC789]

So, ‘marathon man’, ‘marathon man Uk’, ‘the running man’, ‘the machine’, all kinds of running names/tags out there, how does one stand out from the crowd? A cool running moniker. Found a funny website that generated ‘pukey lessbreath’ for me. Not what I was aiming at somehow. Whatever happened to buff names like ‘the runningator’ or some such machoness rather than a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy character name reject!


I want a Zen name akin to ‘walks far women’ or ‘dances with wolves’. ‘Runs with the wind’ doesn’t quite sound right though. But would anything like that these days be accused of cultural appropriation? Sigh!

Only time for a little jog today so another bah!

TDC 789 days 8569 miles


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