The most marathons completed in one year by a male is 239 by Larry Macon (USA) from 1 December 2012 to 30 November 2013

The problem with a lot of these ‘records’ is the different ways of measuring them. ‘In a year’, ‘on consecutive days’, whether they are recognised by Guinness or another / any record keeping authority/organisation; often there are so many hoops to jump though to have ‘official’ verification.

Some stated ‘facts’:

Consecutive marathons Ricardo Abad Martínez 607 days.
Marathons in a year Robert HR Young 370
720 marathons Steve Edwards average 3:17

Talking to Ben ‘401 marathons’ Smith about his record attempt when I ran marathon number 240 with him recently we both agreed [when I mentioned that he wouldn’t qualify for 100 marathon club status – they need 100 ‘official’ marathon races completed] that whilst they are entitled to make their membership rules whatever they like, “who’d want to join such a club?” Seems these kinds of bodies miss the point of what multi-day marathoning really is? They could have an honourable mentions page at least surely?

Most of the record holders I have heard talk are very modest and the record itself is not that important. The recognition is nice, might help them raise more money for their charity perhaps, but the actual getting out there and running was the important part. If any factor seems more important it is being a role model for the benefits of physical activity and inspiring others to have a go.

Certainly for myself it is this that has motivated me to give 50 marathons in 50 days a go; beyond the personal challenge itself.

Today only time for a jog after work for 3 miles. Meh!

TDC 788 days 8568 miles


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