medal [TDC786]


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So with only a few days to go till the 50 days till 50/50 countdown begins, things have started hotting up. Two weeks to get marathon locations sorted. Design a medal that participants can ‘earn’ by running some distance with me. Publicising the runs, etc, etc, etc. Frankly the running part may end up being the easier task?

Advice given me today by marathon legend Steve Edwards [728 official marathon races with an average finish time of 3hrs 17min – so far].

The recovery window is the key, very important to be disciplined and follow a tried and tested strategy pre, during and post each days run. Strategy should include key elements like nutrition/hydration, massage, stretching, ice bath, compression, sleep/rest etc. I find a spreadsheet helps as it’s easy to forget something when your extremely tired. Good luck

Just a jog home after work, which always makes me feel like a running fraud somehow. I mean 3 miles!?

TDC 786 days 8545 miles


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