grave peril [TDC785]

Got on those scales yesterday. I knew from the trouser tightness test I had put on weight, but? Frightening! Two months to go till marathons [9 weeks] so time to try to lose 9lbs. I won’t be below 12 stone for the Kent Marathon in two weeks time so that has put the good for age target in grave peril [I just wanted to use the term ‘grave peril’] lol. If not, with hot weather, completely out of reach?

Getting down to 11 stone 7lbs took 1,200 miles over 7 weeks last November and December, so no idea what I need to do to lose weight these days?

Scan21weight 140516

Today a nice easy social run with viewtube guys for 10 miles. Warm already at 10am.


TDC 785 days 8542 miles


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