millionth [TDC780]

So yesterday the Millionth London Marathon finisher [since the start of the event in 1981] was announced. Luckily the runner was a first timer and raising money for charity and had an interesting story [wonder if any shenanigans going on?] I am finisher 999,362 if only I hadn’t guided quite so fast. I had predicated that the millionth would be around 6 hours 7 minutes but it was 5.45.18 [meaning a faster than average field this year? ie more faster finishers] damn I was close, finishing at 5.41.00 still, better than being 999,999 I guess.


I have never looked closely before but I am genuinely shocked that so many hundreds of ‘runners’ finish in 6 hours [walking all the way pace] or more!

Today I was up for an early morning run but no one showed and the rain dampened my spirits [not naturally a morning person] so I gave it a miss but with jog to/from and leading the Sweatshop 10K in the evening I still managed a recovery 9 miles for the day.

TDC 780 days 8507 miles


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