ups [TDC779]

Felt warm already at 6am this morning, but luckily it seems it will get cooler this week? Certainly everyone everywhere suffered racing yesterday. A nice 10 mile run that incorporated some ups first thing today. I have taken the early morning guys to do some gentle up and downs here several times this year but it is the first time I have done the full Blake Hall inclines x6 in about 3 years? Pace okay but not on the money. Lost focus on the the 5th so did a faster last repeat and averaged ups in 2.45 and 3.05  for downs [should be under 2.30 ups with 3.00 downs]. Still, it should have been half decent given essentially a week off last week.

Jog home after work and a jog to/from a meeting in the evening for another 8 miles to the day. This need to manually upload to Garmin Connect is doing my head in!

Now need to concentrate on a little quality work [inclines and tempo runs] over the next couple of weeks to feel comfortable at 7.30 pace for the Kent Marathon.

TDC 779 days 8498 miles


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