chocking [TDC767]

Lovely day spent with Ben 401 marathons Smith. Took along Mike and Ellie. Nice leisurely jog pace for 15 miles till lunchtime at viewtube, then slightly faster afterwards as the slower / shorter distance runners dropped out.

Ordered full English breakfast but only got to have a mouthful as I didn’t chew a piece of bacon enough and was coughing the rest of the afternoon but couldn’t get the obstruction to shift. Really annoying! Still, completed the run and a small jog from train to Stratford. All sorted on drinking some water!? So random [and embarrassing]. But shit happens and no more bacon for me.


A certain person did FAB today but I won’t say till they have announced the news. It was wonderful to have been able to organise Ben’s 240th marathon today. I am christening the event the Mis-Mastication Marathon.

TDC 767 days 8409 miles


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