Quads pretty tight today; post marathon shuffle time. Surprised I never heard that piece of music once yesterday. All seems a bit of a blur really. It was nice to also bump into Ben Smith first thing yesterday, with now these next two days to recover before doing a marathon with him on Wednesday as part of his 401 marathon challenge. Only trotted a mile today to stretch out the legs a little; and just missed a torrential downpour of hail. Still holding at about 700 miles ahead of minimum needed TDC mileage.


Real shame to read about another dead marathoner at London this year. I am sure certain parties will use this as an excuse again for not being physically active, but the fact is it is not just unfit people that die. There is a condition where very fit individuals can die. But it is both rare and not a reason for others to stop exercising.

TDC 765 days 8372 miles


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