Well that was a l-o-n-g day, which started when I got up to go and RD at Wanstead Flats yesterday morning. Started running at just after midnight this morning, down to the strand to meet up with about 40 other runners who were planning to run the London Marathon route in reverse. A 20 minute banana milk fuel up on the Strand after 7 miles before we walked over to Bird Cage Walk to start our run.

reverse 2016.jpg

A nice gentle marathon jog in the light rain [getting quite cold in the last hour] to arrive up at Blackheath in 4.30 ish time and 34 miles done. Giving 15 minutes to get over to the Blue Start for gig 2 of the day, managing the Baggage Volunteers from viewtube/wanstead flats parkrun. A nice couple of hours ‘rest’ doing that and a couple of cups of tea and a peanut butter bagel, before heading over to the Red Start to meet my visually impaired runner for gig 3 of the day. Guide running.


It was a real pleasure to help Canadian athlete E.J. Scott [who is attempting to run a marathon on each continent in 2016] around the course, on what after 32 years is amazingly my first London Marathon. A very interesting experience to guide on such a large event. Happy to have helped E.J. get around 20 minutes faster than he expected. A long but rewarding 60 mile day.


TDC 764 days 8371 miles


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