spoiler [TDC760]

Look away now! Spoiler alert!

So playing detective I reckon that finisher 35819 will be the Millionth finisher in the London Marathon since it started and their time will be around 6 hours 8 minutes. Interesting to see how close I get to my prediction. Everyone that has ever run a London Marathon can get a t-shirt with their unique finisher position.

Garmin watch is saying it is uploading but nothing is appearing on the Garmin Connect website. Bah! I have figured out that I can upload from my watch to my computer [Garmin Training Center] I can then export each activity to a file, I can then manually import each file into Garmin Connect one by one. Never seen anything so daft in my life! If it can do that why can’t it to it directly? No longer supporting software is NOT the same as removing its functionality. Silly people.

Only time for a small jog after work again today. Still, that means my legs should be fine for the mileage from Sunday to Wednesday [60 miles Sunday and 30 miles Weds]. Need to pick up the work rate dramatically for the next 3 weeks, as almost certainly the last chance to get any consistent higher mileage weeks in before the 50/50.

TDC 760 days 8298 miles


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