Decided a kill or cure needed this morning. A jog to parkrun, attempt at a fast 5K, and jog home. Disappointed to not get under 20 minutes, but considering the last two days perhaps not too bad? Always surprised lately [even given a very low mileage week] that it is not the legs that are slowing me down; they actually feel pretty strong. Even the breathing was okay compared to those around me.

It seems my default fastish pace is now 6.30 a mile? Given that I can / have recently run an entire Half Marathon at a not hugely slower pace per mile, that just highlights a lack of speed stamina. The stomach was certainly sore but at least the pace was quite even throughout. My next parkrun will finally be number 50 [after 5 1/4 years], but will have to wait till next month.


A slow start to this year then, having only just gone through 1,000 miles in 2016 so far. Have to try and work harder this next month. Now 3 months to go till 50/50 marathon time.

TDC 756 days 8264 miles


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