cauliflower [TDC755]

So I jogged very sheepishly to the shop today, just so as not to break my six month running streak more than anything. Second day pretty much laid up with a tummy bug? Bloated, very windy, constant toilet visits. Lifting the duvet all day like I’ve eaten a year’s supply of cauliflower cheese. Uncomfortable.


Two articles caught my eye in the Evening Standard. ‘Pollution has created no-go areas in the capital for lung disease sufferers’, and a pledge to create 200 ‘pocket parks’, from a London Mayoral candidate. The irony is obviously missed by politicians? In other news parkrunners are up in arms at a local council saying they want to charge for use of one of their parks. I envisage future parkruns of 100 laps in every locale; what with a planned ‘adopt a verge’ scheme to go with the pocket parks idea. We’ll soon be back to planting veggies in every available patch of earth. And why not.

TDC 755 days 8255 miles


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