cycling [TDC754]

So, today was to have been a ‘back to it’ day, but early morning everyone was feeling tired so we only did 5 miles. Not completely unexpected at this stage of marathon training. Personally my lower back is sore / tight. Not sure if that’s because I wore the Ultra Boost shoes exclusively whilst in Jersey [minimal shoes to what I usually wear, and I normally cycle my footwear too] or because I am now back into firmer shoes? Certainly not from high mileage. Almost feeling like a non-runner at present [which is obviously pretty funny]. Always better to take it easy though when things feel a bit ‘off’. Time for the scales again on Saturday. Oh boy! Feeling heavy.


Got details for picking up my London Marathon number this morning, and I’m also off to pick up baggage volunteer bits at the weekend, so the London Marathon is starting to become very real. Really looking forward to doing it for the first time in nearly 32 years of marathon running, and as a guide runner makes it special.

TDC 754 days 8254 miles


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