maketh the man [TDC752]

On the flight today with all the business suits in their dark clothing and there’s me in my bright yellow trainers and ‘rescue me’ orange windcheater; didn’t stand out much from the other 300 passengers. Would’ve been fine if the plane had gone down.

Just a little jog to/from and leading the Sweatshop 10K tonight. Nice to be back. Now a tough four weeks of training, working through the London Marathon [as long run day] and another slow marathon a couple of days later, remembering that trying to run a bit faster for a late May marathon is NOT  the aim of the training.

To be honest there is so little advice / schedules / training info on multi-day marathons out there that this is now [with only 96 days remaining] little more than best guess aided by 33 years of long distance running experience, 32 years of marathon running, and 20 years of coaching knowledge. So merely extrapolating. Did 85 miles last week but it feels like I am doing nothing! Not sure if that is a good sign or not?

TDC 752 days 8246 miles


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