three quarters [TDC750]

Well 3/4 the way there; time-wise anyway. Still just over 700 miles ahead of minimum mileage needed schedule, so unless anything disastrous happens I should certainly successfully complete the 10,000 miles in 1,000 days part of the overall challenge. Depends though on how much time I might need out after the 50 marathons?


Today a nice easy 7 mile jog with my father then a low key local 10K ‘race’. Then another couple of miles as a cool down afterwards. The wind was force 6 which is apparently only’ strong breeze’ ho ho. All I know is the effort was constant, but I was doing 6.30 a mile one way and 7.30 a mile the other way, on an out and back course. Real fun.

TDC 750 days 8232 miles


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